Mean Old Tom's Black Velvet

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This cocktail comes in as the dessert of our recipes and the history behind it is certainly intriguing. While this cocktail is historically mixed with Guinness Extra Stout, we like to try new things around here and explore the endless possibilities of mixology. According to Guinness, the cocktail was first invented in 1861 at a gentleman’s club in London, known as the Brook’s Club. Members frequented Champagne in the morning, but following the death of Prince Albert the club steward decided that even that Champagne should be mourning his death. He then mixed the Champagne with Guinness Extra Stout as if the cocktail were dressed in black thus creating the first Black Velvet cocktail. For a twist on the classic we’ve swapped Guinness Extra Stout for Maine Beer Company’s Mean Old Tom Stout: It features notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and aged vanilla beans with a silky mouthfeel. Mix with your favorite champagne for some dark, bubbly deliciousness. 

YIELD: 1 6oz beverage    ACTIVE TIME: 2 minutes


3oz Champagne

3oz Maine Beer Company's Mean Old Tom Stout


  1. First pour in the Champagne into the flute or glass. 
  2. Pour Maine Beer Company's Mean Old Tom Stout on gently over the backside of a spoon to avoid splashing. 

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