Clark & Hopkins Burgers with Caramelized Onion & Mushrooms

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Clark + Hopkin's Virgina Pepper Sauce is inspired by an 1850's Virginia BBQ recipe with peaches, peanuts, jalapeños, habaneros and rye whiskey. It makes an excellent steak sauce and works flawlessly with ribs, burgers, and pulled pork sandwiches or tacos! Pick up a bottle of Clark + Hopkin's Virgina Pepper Sauce in-store at Wine Gourmet!


  • 4, 8oz ground chuck patties
  • 1 bottle Clark & Hopkins Virginia Pepper Sauce
  • 1 onion, caramelized
  • Mushrooms, sautéed
  • 4 Sharp Cheddar slices
  • 4 Brioche Buns


    1. Make caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms.
    2. Grill burgers to desired temperature and doneness.
    3. Brush patties with Clark & Hopkins Virginia Pepper Sauce.
    4. Melt cheese slices atop patties with onions and mushrooms.
    5. Serve on toasted buns.

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