Tangerine Half and Half

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Did you ever have a chocolate orange as a child? This cocktail is slightly reminiscent of the citrus chocolatey goodness. Perennial Artisan Stouts, Sump Coffee Stout features notes of coffee and dark chocolate while Lost Coast's Tangerine Wheat features citrus aromas perfect for summer. While mixing two beers seems too simple to call a cocktail, this mix is perfect for summer! 

YIELD: 1 16oz beverage    ACTIVE TIME: 2 minutes


  • 8oz Lost Coast's Tangerine Wheat
  • 8oz Perennial Artisan Stouts Sump Coffee Stout


  1. First pour in the Lost Coast's Tangerine Wheat carefully into the glass to avoid any head on the beer.
  2. Pour Perennial Artisan Stouts Sump Coffee Stout gently over a Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle (or the backside of a spoon) on top of the Tangerine Wheat within the glass. This avoids too much agitation of the beers. 


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