The Marvel of Moscato

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Are you a huge Moscato lover like us?

Well... did you know the Muscat grape family is among the oldest in the world?

Moscato is loved by many but it's true magic comes from it's alluring history. The Muscat family of grapes contains over 200 varieties, including Moscato, that’s use dates back through centuries suggesting that it may be the oldest domesticated grape variety. For over 3000 years the Mediterranean region has been cultivating Muscat but theories of its origin differ.

Some believe it was first used by the ancient Egyptians and Persians while others strongly believe it was the Greeks who brought it to Romans that helped continue spreading it through Europe. It wasn’t until the mid 1200’s that the use of Muscat was first documented by a European scholar.

Despite all the historical speculation, it’s a known fact that Muscat thrives in warm Mediterranean climates like in Italy. The Piedmont Region is considered one of the top Italian wine regions and is known for producing exceptional sparkling wines from the Moscato grape. Azienda Agricola Rinaldi Vini is located in the center of the most precious areas of Lower Piedmont where precious wines are born and celebrated all over the world. The vineyards were planted to Moscato over 50 years ago by Andrea Rinaldi’s grandfather before the business began and still produce award winning wines to this day. (Especially the Moscato if you catch our drift!)

With Andrea joining us this Friday to taste his family wines hailing from a region with a history for growing Moscato and making delicious cuisine, it’s only natural we find ways to incorporate these delicious wines into cocktails and recipes. Moscato is famous for sweet flavors of peaches and orange blossom, and when it is added to a recipe, it can add elegance and flavor depth. We've shared recipes for two cocktails, one main course, and two desserts using the bubbly beverage. Click the links below to check out the recipes. To learn more about the different types of Moscato - click here!

Moscato Recipes

Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade

Wine Gourmet's Sweet Red Wine Sangria

Lemon and Herb Chicken Moscato

Creamy Strawberry Moscato Torte

Sweet Red Cherry Wine Sauce

Join us this Friday, March 1st from 2-6pm for a special wine tasting, with Andrea Rinaldi of Azienda Agricola Rinaldi Vini - son of the company’s founder, Oreste Rinaldi.

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