10 Must-Have Items for Spring

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The first day of spring might not be until next Wednesday but we’ve already switched gears for the sunshine and warm weather. Check out below some of the products we brought in for spring and favorites we’ve restocked!


Grow Gardens

There are some of us out there with a natural green thumb and others who need it all laid out for us (hey, no shame). Regardless, there’s nothing more gratifying than growing your own ingredients for cocktail garnishes, pizza, salsa… without a garden or green thumb. The Backyard Safari Company was founded by a husband and wife team with one main mission: finding ways for people to get out of the kitchen and enjoy life outdoors in their own backyard. This inspired them to created these Grow Gardens that make it possible for novice gardeners to successfully grow plants in the smallest of places. They even come with recipes that incorporate what you’ve grown! Whether you’re looking for a new date night activity, something fun to do with the kids, or contemplating a new hobby, these kits have everything you need to start your own backyard safari.


Picnic Stix

What’s a picnic without food and wine? A boring afternoon outside. Now you can have wine anywhere and everywhere without the worry of uneven ground spilling your beloved vino! The Picnic Stix feature chrome yard stakes that hold one bottle and two glasses preventing all that unwanted tipping and spilling!


The Beach Glass

Just like the picnic stix, we can’t forget to mention our favorite accessory for outdoor adventurists and wine lovers: the coveted Beach Glass! From snow and water to grass and sand, this little sidekick sticks anywhere you need it to. Whether you’re lounging in the pool, getting a tan on the beach, or hanging in the back yard, all you need is your Beach Glass and wine.


Rewined's Spring Seasonal Candles

For most of us, we drink different wines with the seasons -reds in the cooler months and white during the sweltering heat. Rewined brings seasonal favorites to life with their seasonal candle scents – Spring means it’s time French 75 and Mimosa while summer brings Bellini and Sangria!

Beer Breads

Not only do bread and beer have a similar creation process and ingredients like we talked about in last week’s blog post but man do they taste good together… especially when you throw a little bit of your beer in the dough. Take your hostess gift to the next level with these Rosemary or Roasted Garlic Beer Bread mixes. They come wrapped in a beautiful reusable flour sack towel tied with twine and all you have to do is add beer, bake, and enjoy!

Farm to Table Recipe Book and Preserving Technique Book

Nothing says spring and summer like cooking with farm-fresh ingredients. It can be difficult to make the most of everything available to us, but that’s where Farm to Table shines. With over 150 recipes boasting farm-fresh ingredients from breakfast through dinner, dessert and everything in between this book will help you find impressive ways to incorporate ingredients from the farm right to your table. With an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish during the warmer months, preserving can be one of the most delicious ways to enjoy them. From traditional sweet and savory preserving techniques to smoking, pickling and charcuterie, this Preserving book features over 350 modernized classic French techniques and recipes. How will you be upping your charcuterie board game this year?


Bouquet Wine Charms and Stem SPRINGs

It’s no secret we love changing our wine charms with the season. Time to pack up our winter charms and let wine and cheese night get a lot prettier with these stem springs (get it… HA) and flower wine charms! Durable, stretchy and festive they are the perfect accessories for spring parties and picnics!

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