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Who here is a pet lover? It’s no secret if you’ve seen our growlers or our Medmont Mercantile products that we have a huge obsession with our resident mascots, Napa and Sonoma (pictured above). While they can’t spend time at the store, we’re always finding a way to show our love for them and all the other beloved pets out there. So in classic Wine Gourmet fashion, we’re launching an entire PET section in the store! With alcohol themed toys and treats, just to name a few, your furry friend can finally join in on all the fun. Check out below some of the things we've already brought in and a SNEAK PEEK of another brand new product that you'll see in-store in the next few days! Cheers!

The Muttini Bar

Let your pup’s toy match your favorite adult beverage with Haute Diggity Dog’s original designer parody dog toys. You might have even seen them on social media with renditions of Starbucks drinks and Veuve Cliquot bottles. We had a little fun and purchased almost their entire collection called the “Muttini Bar” that fits so perfectly with in our store and all feature adorably punny names. I mean… we just HAD to bring them in. PLUS there are sizes small enough to suit the tiniest puppies and large enough to fit those bigger breeds!


There's only one thing better to a dog than a new toy... a TREAT and there’s always the argument… how many treats are too many? Truth be told, we ask ourselves the same thing when we reach for a beer or a glass of wine. Why shouldn’t we let our furry friends relish in the same deliciousness we do? In partnership with Roanoke’s own Unleashed Dog Bakery, we’ve brought in these adorable dog treats reminiscent of Pinot Noir and a mug of Pilsner. Wine and beer drinkers alike can now pair their treat with one for their furry friend.

Function Meets Fashion For Your Fur Ball

Dog toys, bowls, leash hooks, adorable pouches… what more could you ask for? Ore Originals, out of California, has been creating “Happy Products for Good People and Pets™” since 1989. We stumbled across these products in Atlanta and fell in love with all their functionality and fashion.

Beautifully Boastful 

Mary Lake Thompson products speak for themselves, adorning classy vintage artwork created by Mary Lake herself. Our undying love for all things animal related made us gravitate towards these adorable towels, totes, soap, and zipper pouches for a graceful collection of products that still shows off our love for animals!

Hair Of The Dog

One for you and one for your best friend! These me and my pet drinking sets from Pearhead hit our shelves a few months ago and may or may not have been the inspiration for us to bring in more pet products! But in all honesty, we couldn’t think of a more perfect gift for our fellow dog lovers!

The Creative Keepsake

What does loving our pets mean if we can’t show it off? Although these products aren't new, you can personalize anything from Awesome This with a picture of your precious pet and take them everywhere with you. Choose between multiple photos and captions, like these cups made with pictures of Napa and Sonoma, or one full-size photo for the ultimate ode to your beloved little furball. 


Everyone loves a good tumbler, am I right? What about your pet? You probably reallly love them too. What if I told you, when you purchased a tumbler from CAUS, a percentage would be donated to pet rescue and adoption? STAY TUNED and check back in with us on Monday for more on how a simple purchase could save a life!

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