Wine & Cheese Pairing Tips - National Cheese Day

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National Cheese Day has finally arrived! We can certainly say we already used this holiday as an excuse to enjoy a beautiful spread of cheeses and a bottle of wine! So that got us thinking, how many people know the basics of cheese and wine pairing? In celebration of National Cheese Day, below we've compiled some tips on pairing so you can make perfect pairings on your own!

The pairing of cheese and wine is irrefutably delicious, but do you know why some cheeses and alcohols taste specifically delicious with one another? Since cheese is produced from milk curds, which are basically fat, they cause the mouth to have an almost slimy feel to it. In contrast, wines that contain tannins often cause the mouth to feel dry. Therefore, when we pair the proper beverage with the proper cheese we create a melody of texture and taste that is unparalleled.

When it comes to creating a cheese plate and pairing the perfect wines, there are a few simple tips to consider.

  1. Keep It Simple - When sampling cheese, after about three to four cheeses the senses begin to become overwhelmed. So keep the number of cheese you choose to sample at one time to a modest number.
  2. Find the Balance - Be sure to pair wines and cheeses with equal intensities to avoid overpowering either. Instead they should enhance one another. 
  3. Think Provincial - When choosing a cheese and wine, try selecting the two from the same region of the world. This harmony of items ultimately stems from traditional pairings passed down to the producers within each regions, resulting in flawless cheese and wine pairings.
  4. When you create your own cheese and wine pairings, remember these three tips:
    1. Bold & Aged - Bold reds pair best  with aged cheeses due to the higher fat content.
    2. Sweet & Funky - Sweeter wines pair best with funky cheeses because they soften the funkiness.
    3. Sparkling & Creamy - Sparkling wines acidity pairs best with a creamy cheese.  

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