National Water A Flower Day

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Have you ever considered that flowering plants, provide practically all the plant-based food that humans and livestock consume? Or that the fermentation processes your favorite beers and wines go through convert sugar from flowering plants, like fruits and grains, into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Without flowers our world would be dull, in more ways than one.

Today is National Water a Flower Day! Celebrated annually on May 30th, when flowers are in full bloom, it aims to remind us all to keep them hydrated and abundant. Join us tomorrow for our Special Tasting with Devil’s Backbone to sample their Hibiscus Hard Lemonade! Hibiscus is not only beautifully colorful but has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, in teas, and now beer! To see all SIX beers in tomorrow’s lineup and tasting notes, click here!

To RSVP click here. (RSVP is not required.) 

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