Valentine's Day Gifts for Her 2019

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Valentine's Day is a little over 3 weeks away and while that may not seem all that close, it'll be here before you know it. As always, we're here to help that process go a bit smoother for everyone involved. We've got tons of gifts perfect for the upcoming holiday that'll allow you to get all your shopping done in one place. Check out some of our top gifts this year for the special woman in your life (or women if you're the type that loves to spoil their mother or grandmother too).

Gift Card or Club Membership

Women are continuously labeled as "hard to shop for" but the reality is it just takes a little thought. Does she like to come home and end her day with a superior glass of wine or beer? Is she a connoisseur in the making? Does she like far too many wines or beers to label a favorite? Let her find her prized wines and beers on her own and get her fill of shopping at the same time with a Wine Gourmet Gift Card. Just choose an amount and it's ready to go! Give us a call, shoot us an email, or message us on social media and we can have it ready for you when you stop by! Or let us do the choosing for her and gift her a Club Membership to one of our THREE clubs. Members receive handpicked selections, exclusive discounts, tastings notes and more at the beginning of each month. Click here to learn more!


Gift Baskets & Cards

Coming back to the point of women being hard to buy for... ever sat her down in front of basket of gourmet food and wine and not seen a smile come across her face? I didn't think so. It's super simple: set a budget, give us any specifications and let us create an impeccable gift that's wrapped and ready to go. Choose from a wide selection of wines, beers, gourmet food and chocolates, gifts, accessories, cards, and more to create a foolproof gift. 

Awesome This! Custom Personalization

Create or add a custom item to any gift or gift basket with one of our Awesome This! Custom Personalization System. Get creative and personalize things like a phone case with wedding pictures or a tumbler with her monogram, name, or initial! Now with full coverage personalization, the options are truly endless. Not to mention, I guarantee the extra thought you put in to create something personal will show! Click here to browse all the different options or create from home and pick up in store!

Table Topics Original and Date Night

The Original is the edition that started it all, featuring engaging questions that act as great conversation starters for nights with friends and family. The Date Night version features a set of questions that will help couples rekindle, reconnect, and may even help you remember why you fell for each other.

Wine Accessories 

From uncorking to sipping, these products make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. Some of our favorites include: The Tumbler Freeze Cooling Cup in Coral from Host for keeping any drink effortlessly cold, the iconic Truetap Soft Touch Double Hinged Corkscrew in Coral, the Chill Pink Cooling Pour Spout for chilling your wine as it's poured, and the cutest Hot Sauced: Chili Pepper Stopper by True Zoo. Pink not her color? No worries, we have other color options available for the tumbler, opener, and pourer! 


Gourmet Foods

Like we said earlier... women have a thing for delicious gourmet foods. Whether you compile them in a beautiful gift basket or wrap them up themselves, they're sure to bring some smiles on Valentine's Day. Browse some of our festive gourmet food products below. 

Storied Goods Award-Winning Cherry Baby Granola and Rose Petal Sugar Cubes

Cherry Baby granola is a delicious mix of oats, cashews, coconut, dried cherries, raisins, and cinnamon that make this granola too good to be true. Then there's the rose petal sugar cubes... an absolute perfect addition to a Valentine's Dinner or night-in. Just drop one of the cubes down in a glass of bubbly for an instant Champagne Cocktail. Festive, delicious, AND beautiful! 

Chocolate... chocolate... chocolate

Not only do we have a chocolate case featuring over 60 of chocolatepaper's best selling truffles, but a selection of other delectable chocolate treats like chocolate cherries from Marich, Chocolate Cookie Thins from Mandy's and chocolate bars from Ghiradelli and Chocolove. 

J&M Raspberry Tea Cookies

Slightly tart and slightly sweet, these cookies are perfect with tea and coffee or enjoyed by themselves. 

Jelly Bean Conversation Beans

The modern twist on candy hearts: a perfectly sized gift bag full of Jelly Bean Sours with romantic words and phrases written on them. 

Salty Road Strawberry & Cream Salt Water Taffy

A tangy taffy made with strawberry puree and a crunch of sea salt that brings a taste of summer year-round. 

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