Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 2019

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Valentine's Day is a little over 3 weeks away and while that may not seem all that close, it'll be here before you know it. As always, we're here to help that process go a bit smoother for everyone involved. We've got tons of gifts perfect for the upcoming holiday that'll allow you to get all your shopping done in one place. Check out some of our top gifts this year for the special man in your life!

Drinking Accessories

Whether you’re looking for beer or wine accessories, we’ve got spinners full of the basics and whimsical takes on the essentials! Give him the tools necessary for making the best of his days off. Did we mention we even have this awesome Poker Set with hidden storage for a bottle of booze? Plus ice molds, coasters, multi-function openers, bottle markers, and more!

JimmyRockIt Coasters

Having a sense of humor is one of those qualities a lot of us find attractive in someone, but when you acknowledge the naughty side of  humor… it’s a little extra fun! This Valentine’s Day, let your man fall in love with JimmyRockIt leather coasters. Hand made here in the United States, these coasters are not only handsome but adorned with sayings and images that range across the board there is something for everyone. We’ll let you come browse the hilariously naughty ones yourself… you might leave with more than you intended to. A restock is on its way with brand new styles we can't wait for you to see!

Storied Goods Whiskey Cubes

It’s rumored that the Old Fashioned name was coined back in the late 1800’s at a gentleman’s club in Louisville, Kentucky. In honor of history, let your man sip the easiest Old Fashioned he’ll ever make. Drop one of these Whiskey Cubes, featuring tart cherry and orange zest, down in a glass of whiskey for an instant cocktail! These are a must have for any home bar or whiskey lover!

Fermented Wines

Unless your man appreciates the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, roses and chocolate aren’t always the way to his heart. What about a bouquet that’ll stock the home bar? (Yup, we think this is a winning idea) We had six fermented wines hit our shelves this month that compete with the classic liquors- try a Valentine’s Day Blind Taste Test with him and see if he can guess which is which or arrange them in a beautiful bottle bouquet!

Club Memberships

Let our experts give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving with one of our club memberships! Members receive hand picked selections, exclusive discounts, tastings notes and more at the beginning of each month. Click here to learn more!

Awesome This Custom Personalization

Our newest update to our Awesome This! System is full coverage photo personalization. Create him a flask like these with his favorite quote or funny saying and every time he takes a sip he’ll think of you! Have a favorite photo of the two of you? Add that instead! The possibilities to make something awesome are endless.

Coolers and Insulated Backpacks

Is your man the type that loves outdoor adventures or is he a frequent traveler? Foster & Rye make stylish and functional coolers that’ll keep his drinks and snacks cool through all the places life takes him.


One thing I’ve learned in my years is that a lot of men really like cool drinking glasses. From classic glassware to unbreakable glasses from Govino, let us help you find just what he needs!


Gourmet Goodies

All about the food. Whether it’s curing hangriness or planning dinner, no relationship is complete unless there is food involved… especially snacks. Let your partner be the King of Snacks with these delectable favorites!

Medmont Mercantile Peanuts

With 10 flavors available, it's hard to walk away without finding a flavor to love. Whether he likes to snack on peanuts by themselves or next to a hoppy beer, these are sure to whet his appetite! 

Gary Poppins Caramel Cheddar Kettle

Their signature mix of buttery caramel, creamy cheddar, and salty-sweet kettle corn comes together to make one of life most deliciously unexpected combinations!

J&M Original Cheese Straws

A traditional southern delicacy made from a family recipe combining light crisp texture with a smidgen of heat. 

Portlock Smoked Salmon

Naturally smoked wild Alaskan salmon that's perfect for spreading on crackers!

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