Countdown our 7 BIG Changes in our 7th Year at Promenade Park

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If you haven’t made your way into Wine Gourmet this July from vacationing, did you know we’ve made some big changes around the store? It’s now been 7 years since we relocated to Promenade Park with Brian and this month alone we’ve made 7 major changes to the store. Check out our countdown and see what we deem to be our #1 AWESOME change to the store! 

7. Refreshed our Retail Landscape

  • We've rearranged our retail floor and the store is now easier to navigate for browsing ease.
  • We’ve created tons of space for new inventory hitting our shelves in the coming weeks!

6. 6 for $60 Expansion 

  • In 2011 we began the 6 for $60 program (purchase 6 select wines for $60) with 20+ wines and over the last 7 years it has grown to 150+ wines. 
  • With changes to the store, we’ve created room to add an additional 60+ wines to expand our selection to well over 200+ labels in our 6 for $60 program alone. 

5. Brand NEW Relocated Tasting Bar

  • Our tasting bar is now more centrally located and taller to elevate your tasting experience at Wine Gourmet. 

4. Relocated chocolatepaper express display case (we promise it's still there for those who panicked!)

  • chocolatepaper express is now located perpendicular to our register to allow uninterrupted browsing time as other's make their purchases!

3. Cheese of the Week Selection and Pairing

  • Each week (Saturday-Friday) we will highlight one cheese that will be on special discount, available for BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF!

  • There will be take home cards available detailing taste, texture, and suggested pairings available for each cheese of the week selection. 

2. Custom Personalization

  • Custom vinyl monograms and names available in various styles and colors that can be applied to a number of products we retail in the store, especially beautiful on Beach Glasses!

1. Awesome This! 

  • Our most exciting addition to Wine Gourmet, Awesome This! is an incredible system that allows you to personalize an array of gifts yourself!
  • This includes monograms, names, photos, designs and more all available to mix, match and customize the way you desire. You can even upload your own photos.
  • You will be able to customize your order in store or online.
  • Be on the look out for the launch of this incredible system within the NEXT WEEK! 

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