Wine Gourmet's "Hurricane Preparedness Checklist"

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So we’re sure you’ve heard there’s a hurricane coming. To help you get the most out of our Hurricane Preparedness Sale we’ve created our own checklist to get you ready the Wine Gourmet way!

1. Stock up on water.

We know water is a necessity for survival but did you know wine is on average 85% water and beer is on average 90-95% water? We like to pretend it all works the same way. Make sure you stock up on your beverages during our Hurricane Preparedness Sale: 20% OFF storewide and 25% OFF cases if you mention this post through September 15th!

2. Gather non-perishable foods.

Don’t you dare forget the snacks! Check our selection of non-perishable gourmet foods including room temperature safe cheeses and meats, crackers, chocolates, jams, jellies, and more. Don’t let the snacks be subpar even if it is during a natural disaster. 

3. Manual opener for your nonperishables.

Can opener? Check. Corkscrew? Check. Bottle opener? Check. You might be stuck, but don’t let your corks and caps be too.

4. Be sure you have a source of light.

Stop your wine and light the way with the Cork Light by True. This cork in conjunction with the refraction of light will allow you to make yourself an emergency light! While it may not run off of batteries, it is rechargeable. So just charge it up before the storm... or grab multiples and create yourself the most beautiful display of hurricane emergency lights! You can also browse our selection or Rewined candles and candle matches!

5. Keep your refrigerator closed to retain temperature. 

While the refrigerator is down and out, keep your vino bottles (or food) cool with the insulated Metro 2 Bottle tote, complete with a corkscrew, bottle stopper, wine glasses and napkins. Stock your beers in the Foster & Rye Vintage Cooler to retain their chill and look cool while you're at it. 

6. Keep chilled beverages cold.

Beer definitely makes us hoppy. Once it’s time to open those beers, grab a humorous koozie to make sure it keeps temperature while you sip and sit back. 

7. Paper Plates, Cups, Utensils and Napkins

So obviously if the power is out and the water is off that means no dishes. Add some humor to your weekend with our themed and comical paper products. 

8. Reusable and shatterproof dish ware.

Rethink the red solo cup and grab a set of Govino glasses. Reusuable and shatterproof, they prove to be essential for any party… I mean natural disaster preparation.

9. Have books, games, or puzzles on hand.

If you’ve lost power that means no phone, no tablet, no TV… so what is there to do? Remember those things called card games? Conquer the boredom and keep the crowd entertained with our Poker Set and What Do You Meme games.

10. First aid supplies.

Bandages, antiseptic solution, antibiotic ointment, gloves..... stain removal. Make sure you have all your first aid kit basics and those to tackle the stains that will surely ensue. Add Emergency Stain Removal to your first aid kit to answer the call of troublesome stains. 

11. Stay dry.

Okay this one just makes all the sense. An umbrella made to look like a wine bottle. Bottle up the wetness before you empty your bottles. Make sure that if you have to leave the house, you’re ready to weather the storm with Vinrella!

12. Create a barrier for flood control.

Searching for sand bags last minute? Did you know cork is watertight? If you don’t have time to drink that many bottles before the storm comes, pick up some from us at the store for just $10 per bag! 

So, now that we’ve showed you our checklist… is that trip to the grocery store really necessary?

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