Wine Away Stain Remover

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Any wine drinker knows that red wine can ruin your clothes in an instant. If you spill, reach for Wine Away, the bleach free, all natural stain remover. Pet safe, Wine Away comes in a small bottle for easy transport.

  • Bleach free
  • All natural non-toxic
  • Safe in environment with kids and pets

Shake container lightly.  Always test in inconspicuous spot before using.

Carpet:  Saturate stain with Wine Away.  Let sit for 1-5 minutes.  Blot area until stain disappears.

Fabric: Saturate stain with Wine Away.  Let penetrate for 1-3 minutes.  Lauder or dry clean according to manufacture's instructions.  Always check garment before drying.  Additional applications may be needed. 

If stain turns a bluish color, treat stain with Wine Away and laundry pre-wash, then launder as directed.

Wine Away also effectively removes:  Coffee, sport drink stains, blood, pet accidents, ink, and red medicine.

It is also a fantastic cleaner and degreaser...and it leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.

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