The Wine & Food Guide for the Modern Royal

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With the Royal Wedding less than a week away, we’re pondering less about what the bride will be wearing and more about what she’ll be drinking. Self-proclaimed foodie and wineo, Meghan Markle is set say her vows this Saturday and officially become a member of the royal family. In articles with popular blogs, Markle has shared some of her go-to recipes and wines leaving us wondering, “What will be on the menu at the royal wedding?” We’ve compiled a list that reflects Markle’s favorite vinos and create perfect pairings with her recipes, so you can drink and dine like the soon-to-be royalty. Click to here to read The Wine & Food Guide for the Modern Royal in our weekly newsletter or continue reading for the full text (including winemakers notes)!

Top Wine Picks



Antinori Tignanello

In an article with Delish, Markle claims, “French fries and vino are my vices” with Tignanello, a big, red Tuscan wine, hailing as her all time favorite. Markle previously had a lifestyle blog called "The Tig" in honor of the coveted vino. If you're feeling like royalty, Tignanello is available for special order at $124.99 a bottle. Winemaker's notes.


Argentinian Malbec

Callejon Gran Reserva & Tierra Brissa

Markle also told Delish she is a big fan of Argentinian Malbec's. According to Wines of Argentina, Malbec is Argentina's leading variety with the world's largest Malbec acreage. Here are two incredible Argentinian Malbecs that we think Markle would approve of! Celljon is available for $24.99 and Tierra Brissa $11.99. Winemaker's notes.


French Cabernet Sauvignons

 Les Jamelles Cabernet Sauvignon

In her interview with Delish, Markle included French Cabs among her favorites. We recommend anything Bordeaux (Cab Blend) or this delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from Les Jamelles for just $11.99. Winemaker's notes.


Oregon Pinot Noir

Sineann Pinot Noir & Erath Pinot Noir

Aside from her love for Malbecs and Cabs, Markle points out a specific fondness of Oregon Pinot Noirs in her Delish interview. We've chosen two bold Pinot Noirs from Oregon to showcase why their leading variety ranks among Markle's favorites. Sineann is available for $37.99 and Erath for $22.99: Winemaker's notes.


Rosé All Day

Rosé All Day

Although Markle tends to reach for bolder red wines, she told Delish that when she's out with her friends in the summer its "rosé all day". While we have a lengthy list of worthy rosés, without a doubt we find this the perfect occasion for the the coveted Rose All Day at just $11.99 a bottle. Winemaker's notes.


Flowers Winery Pinot Noir 

Flowers Winery Pinot Noir

According to an article from Bustle, in an interview with TODAY Markle highlighted the Flowers Winery Jordan Vineyard & Winery, noting Flowers' Pinot Noir. This wine is perfect if you're looking for a long, fresh finish. Available for $59.99 a bottle. Winemaker's notes.


Jordan Cabernet

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

As Markle is a big fan of cabernet sauvignons it is no wonder she pointed a distinct favoring of Jordan Vineyard and Winery's Cabernet Sauvignon. It is being described as rich and seductive; If you're feeling fancy, grab yourself a bottle for $109.99 Winemaker's notes.


British Bubbly

Gusbourne Blanc de Blanc, Gusbourne Brut Reserve, & Gusbourne Brut Rose

In recent years the UK has begun to make a name for itself with sparkling wine that contends the classics! An article from Food & Wine rumors that bubbly from Kent's Chapel Down Winery might make an appearance at the wedding. While we may not have access Chapel Down in particular, we've chosen three spectacular sparkling wines from another winery in Kent! They're available for: Blanc de Blancs, $79.99, Brut Reserve $64.99, and Brut Rose $79.99. Winemaker's notes.


Favorite Food Pairings


French Fries

Pierre Larousse Blanc de Blancs Brut

If you're anything like Markle and french fries top the charts of favorite foods, having a wine on deck that pairs flawlessly is essential. This Pierre Larousse Blanc de Blancs Brut for $10.99 is the perfect, affordable match for a basket full of crispy fries. Winemaker's notes.


Slow Cooker Zucchini Pasta Sauce

Stella Pinot Grigio, Les Petits Roucas, & Prochaine

In her article with Delish, Markle mentions a slow-cooker zucchini pasta sauce that's irresistibly creamy and healthy. We've chosen a three wines that would pair seamlessly with Markle's sexy, zucchini pasta sauce; A crisp Italian Pinot Grigio (Stella, $11.99), a French Sauvignon Blanc (Les Petits Roucas, $11.99), and a Stainless Steel Chardonnay (Prochaine, $12.99). Winemaker's notes.​


Kale Chips

Paul Direder Romana Müller Thurgau

Kale chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips for Markle, according to an interview with TODAY. Easy to make and even easier to munch on, kale chips pair smoothly with this Müller-Thurgau for $14.99, a crossing of Riesling and Madeleine Royale. Winemaker's notes.


Watermelon with a Twist

Lolea Rosé

Markle also raved about her adventurous ways to eat Watermelon with TODAY. Either with mint and feta or a bit of cinnamon we recomment pairing a fresh wine like this rosé sangria from Lolea for $17.99. Winemaker's notes.


Roast Chicken 

A to Z Wineworks Chardonnay & Stonewood Pinot Noir

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Markle said that there is "nothing as delicious as a perfectly roasted chicken." The only things more delicious is when it's paired with the perfect wine, in this case a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. We would reach for either the A to Z Chardonnay for $18.99, or the Stonewood Pinot Noir for $11.99. Winemaker's notes.


Grandma Markle's Apple Butter Toast

Weingut Manfred Breit Riesling Kabinett Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

According to an article by ET, Markle raved about her Grandmother's Apple Butter Toast on her former blog, The Tig. For the sweet and savory treat we recommend a medium/dry Riesling like this Riesling Kabinett for $14.99. Winemaker's notes.


Chia Seed Pudding

Juve Camps Pinot Noir Brut Rosé Cava

For a healthier dessert option, Markle told Good Housekeeping that she loves to make chia seed pudding because it's so easy! Pair a sparkling wine with lighter desserts like this brut rosé for only $17.99. Winemaker's notes.


Lemon Elderflower Cake

Early Mountain Rose, Vignac Sparkling Brut Blanc de Blancs, & Manfred Breit Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Auslese

What's a wedding without CAKE? In a press release from Kensington Palace announcing the pastry chef chosen for the royal wedding cake, it was revealed that Prince Harry and Markle requested a lemon elderflower cake. For a refreshing dessert like this we recommend a Rose (Early Mountain Rose, $22.99), a Bubbly, or a Auslese Riesling (Manfred Breit Auslese, $27.99). Winemaker's notes.



Antinori Tignanello

On the nose, the notes of ripe red fruit, together with cassis and blackberries, are in perfect balance with the hints of chocolate and liquorice. The palate is rich, ample, and vibrant and is endowed with lively and silky tannins which give a great complexity and an important length to the finish and aftertaste.


Callejon Gran Reserva

Deep red with violet hues, aromas that highlights the delicate ripe red fruit with hints of mint are well harmonized with notes of vanilla and chocolate from the oak. On the palate, ripe plums and a stand good acidity with a touch of raisins and sweet tannins, round


Tierra Brissa

Intense red color with violet shades. Ripe red andblack fruit and supple tannins. Delivers a fresh, crisp, attractive finish packed with truffle, mocha and vanilla notes.


Les Jamelles Cabernet Sauvignon

Sweet oak tones frame the black cherry and currant fruit in this wine, with notes of mocha and raspberry sauce atop. The velvety texture offers good tannic grip, while ample acidity helps to keep the palate fresh and the finish lifted.


Sineann Pinot Noir

The wine is very dark, aromatic and has great natural acidity. At this stage of development, most of its character is in a long, long finish.


Erath Pinot Noir

Explosively aromatic and abundantly fruit forward, this Pinot offers all the versatility you expect from our Oregon label. Raspberry, black cherry and warming nutmeg scents offer a scintillating intro to a mouthful of mixed berries and pomegranate. Food friendly acidity allows for infinite pairings.


Rosé All Day

This Grenache rosé has an elegant aromatic nose of red fruits and is crisp and fresh on the palate with a deliciously long, fruity finish.


Flowers Winery Pinot Noir

Medium ruby in color. Aromas of cranberry, deep raspberry and Santa Rosa plum are woven with top-notes of anise and coastal redwood spice. The palate is perfectly balanced with flavors of cherry and peach pith, broad tannins and textures of stone fruit flesh, together complimenting the bright acidity that leads into a long, fresh finish.


Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense aromas of cassis, black currants, blackberries and ripe cherries with a lovely floral note. The palate is rich and seductive, exuding blackberries and cassis interwoven seamlessly with fine tannins from new French oak barrels. Its masculine structure is harnessed by a beautiful balance of acidity and dark fruits with a long, cassis-laced finish.


Gusbourne Blanc de Blanc

A bright golden colour with a delicate mousse, our Blanc De Blancs has classic Chardonnay aromas of green apple, citrus and mineral notes combined with buttered toast and Tarte Tatin richness from extended lees ageing.


Gusbourne Brut Reserve

Bright gold in colour, this blend highlights red fruit aromas of cherry and strawberry, which then develop into attractive fresh pastry notes with a touch of cinnamon and spice. With a bright streak of citrus fruit, the palate is clean and fresh whilst giving tones of soft stone fruit and a long, refreshing finish.


Gusbourne Brut Rose

Delicate pink in appearance, with soft summer berries and floral notes on the nose. The palate shows bright red fruits, driven by ripe strawberries, fresh cherries and redcurrants, with a crisp freshness and creamy, rounded texture on the finish. We like to think of this as the perfect expression of halcyon days.


Pierre Larousse Blanc de Blancs Brut

The mousse is fine yet persistent and the creamy flavours are well balanced with zesty acidity on the finish


Stella Pinot Grigio

Fresh fruit aromas of pears, white peach and citrus. Well balanced with a zesty acidity.


Les Roucas

Mineral, fresh, with loads of grapefruit, lemon, and lime coming through on the palate. Nice length in the mouth and balanced acidity



It is a ripe, delicious Chardonnay from a warmer climate that comes closer to examples in California or Australia. Think tropical, think lower acidity.


Paul Direder Romana Müller Thurgau

The color is clear, bright yellow with a hint of green. In the nose hints of fruit, fresh grass, floral and aromatic, elderflower, dried apricot. On the palate fresh, green pepper, elderflower, crisp,clean aromatic finish.


Lolea Rose

A refreshing sparkling wine with an attractive pale pink colour and a hint of hibiscus and ginger, providing a delicate and surprising floral touch. Serve well chilled, or as a base for delicious cocktails.


A to Z Wineworks Chardonnay

Abundant, juicy fruit aromas that jump right out of the glass; just-picked Anjou pear, green apple, white flowers, lime rind, lemon & grapefruit pith. Subtle aromas of white flowers and honeysuckle arise with just a hint of flintiness. On the palate, the balance is seamless. Fruit again leads with quince and lemon giving way to a stoniness and salinity that makes this wine lip-smacking good. There is a richness and ripeness to the wine that is somehow in perfect balance with the freshness and tension of the acidity.


Stonewood Pinot Noir

This pinot noir has classic raspberry and cherry flavors and aromas and a smooth, clean finish.


Weingut Manfred Breit Riesling Kabinett Piesporter Goldtröpfche

Fruity, off-dry style with flavors of apple, pear, apricot and mango. Balanced acidity is refreshing on the palat


Juve Camps Pinot Noir Brut Rosé Cava

This cava seduces with its bright cherry red color and beautiful effervescence. It reflects the character of the variety, with its cherry and strawberry notes enveloped in honey, toasted bread and a faint floweriness. It is intense, fresh and exuberant in the mouth, with a rich, aromatic finish.


Early Mountain Rosé

The pale, salmon color primes us for the strawberries, white peaches and floral aromas and flavors of this wine. The acidity brings a brightness to the fruit and the wine lingers with wet stone and a pleasant citrus pith character.


Vignac Sparkling Brut Blanc de Blancs

This sparkling wine is Kosher (Mevushal). It is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes, it is then a Blanc de Blancs (white wine made with white grapes).Light yellow color. Persisting and delicate foam. Full flavor, nice fruits and floral notes. Well b

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