The History of the First Canned Beer

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Teachers taught us who invented the light bulb and the telephone… but they never taught us the history of the world’s first canned beer. Richmond, VA lays claim to the title of not only our state’s capital but the site of a monumental moment in beer-story. 

85 years ago on January 24th, 1935, the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company together with The American Can Company debuted the world’s first canned beer for sale.

Feedback for their product exceeded expectations and 80% of distributors were handling the canned beer within 3 months of its debut. Rivals soon caught on and over 200 millions cans were produced and sold by the end of the year. Now, 84 years later their successful endeavor accounts for about half of the beer industry in the United States with canned beers on the rise.After previous failures, outwaiting prohibition, and years of engineering research the can company finally invented a pressurized can with a special coating to prevent the beer from having a chemical reaction with the tin can. Gottfried Krueger was the first brewing company to take the plunge and attempt to sell canned beer. They brought loyal drinkers in Richmond 2,000 cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale on January 24
th, 1935 – they received a 91% approval rating from consumers, green lighting production to begin.  Thus, history was made and Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company became the first brewer to successfully sell canned beer.

Every year on January 24th, the Krueger Brewing Company celebrates the birthday "America's first canned beer"! In honor of this monumental moment for beer lovers, grab yourself a pack of your favorite canned beer to celebrate with us!

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