Introducing Dan River Coffee Company

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Dan River Coffee Company is owned by Chloe Smith, who at the age of 19, has followed her passion for coffee and started her own company! Here's a little bit from Chloe:

"My name is Chloe Smith, and I am a very young entrepreneur. I have been in the coffee business for over half my life and I am only nineteen years old. My love for coffee started as my parents opened a coffee shop when I was just a little girl. They eventually bought a coffee company, and my passion for coffee grew even more when I learned to roast. After growing up working the family business, I decided to follow in my family's footsteps and start my own company. I use a unique roast method to ensure my customers are provided with high quality coffee. Unlike Drum Roasters, our fluid bed roaster uses convection to roast the beans. This means that the air is roasting the coffee rather than the surface of the roaster. This results in a more even roast while Drum roasters leave a bitter/burnt taste. 99% of all coffee is Drum roasted, and I am proud to be apart of the 1% that use fluid bed roasting."

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