2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

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Often times we get lost in the hustle and bustle of Mother's Day. Now, with less than a week until Father's Day, it's time to shine some light on the rock star fathers that help keep us all together! Below are 9 types of dads we all know (and LOVE) and the gifts that fit them best. For more inspiration check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas Collection!

...the beer geek

Whether he has a beer belly and a 6 pack of beer or 6 pack abs and belly full of beer, we’ve got endless gifts perfect for every brew obsessed dad like Swag Brewery’s Hoppy IPA Beer Soap. For the finest gift, purchase him the Beer of the Month Club Membership and each month he’ll receive two tasty American craft or quality import beer selections, as well as detailed tasting notes and additional savings! 

...the great outdoorsman

He’s rough, he’s tough, and like every great outdoorsman should have tools that can keep up. This Vintage Metal Cooler and Stainless Steel White Gloss Growler will keep his beers and snacks cold all day while he’s off adventuring or just getting things done around the house.

...the gadget obsessed

We all have one in our family. They’ve got an iPhone and an Android, two tablets, a smart watch, two laptops, and well... the list goes on. Make sure your tech-obsessed dad is prepped for everything with these killer Tech Candy finds. The 4x Mobile Energy Bar can fully charge all of his gadgets while the Dynamic Duo Woven USB Cable allows him to switch between a lighting cable and micro-usb, so he’s always always ready with half the clutter!

...the gamer

No one wants to play games with him at family gatherings because, no matter the game, he’s always winning. The Poker & Liquor box set is the ultimate gift for the old school gamblin’ man: Cards and poker chips on the top, storage for his favorite booze on the bottom, all inside a ready to travel box. For the dad whose children have introduced him to the wonderful world of memes and HBO’s Game of Thrones, the What Do You Meme: Game of Thrones Expansion pack!

...the master chef

There's nothing these father's can't master in the kitchen. Tout Haché is a collection of over 30 outstanding recipes centered around meatballs, tartares, and burgers, featuring a variety of sauces and accompaniments, to take his mastery to the next level. Pair with the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board so his measurements are as precise as his cooking skills.

...the mixologist


Let us not forget about the father that is begging for a custom home bar to create all of his masterful cocktails. These dads deserve a collection of tools that aid in their quest to become a make-shift mixologist. Gift him this sample box of Strongwater Shrubs, classic colonial style cocktail mixers made from raw apple cider vinegar infused with fruit, herbs and honey. You can even let him age his own whiskey with Time & Oak's Whiskey Elements!

...the joker


He's the dad that always laughing that hardest after cracking one of his own infamous "dad jokes". Let his sense of humor shine when he's lounging around in these "Who Cut The Cheese" boxers and "If You're Hoppy and You Know it" socks

...the travelin' man


Is your dad always on the go, yet always ready for a beer? Both this Mad Style Leather Money Clip and Foster and Rye Bow Tie, discretely feature a bottle opener, so he's ready to party at the drop of a hat. 

...the tool man 


Our father's are constantly fixing everything we break (oops... thanks!). Now it's time to gift these handymen with the appropriate tools for when they're ready to kick back. With these Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers, he can crack open his favorite brews with tools he can keep in his pocket. The multi use Travel BBQ Set features 3 essential tools for barbecuing, plus it also has bottle opener and corkscrew! 

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