Valentine's Open House | February 12th, 5-8pm

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SAVE THE DATE for our Valentine's Open House on February 12th, from 5-8pm!

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Join us this Wednesday with Puppie from Internation Cellars to sample wines ideal for Valentine's Day. With wine, beer, gourmet food, chocolates, and more, we’ll help you find the perfect gift, for your special someone, without the hassle! 

  • Veuve Parisot, Blanc de Blancs
  • Le Contesse, Sparkling Rosé Brut
  • Highway 12, Chardonnay
  • iLauri Tavo, Pinot Grigio IGT delle Venezie
  • Brassfield Estate Winery, Eruption Red
  • Obsidian Ridge, Cabernet Sauvignon

Veuve Parisot, Blanc de Blancs

Made with a selective blend of white grapes with mainly Chardonnay, Veuve Parisot Brut Blanc de Blancs is produced according to the Charmat Method invented in France in 1907, with a low temperature and high pressure fermentation in closed tank.

Tasting Notes: A pale and brilliant yellow, with fine long lasting bubbles. Delicate and fresh notes on the notes. Well balanced, fresh and crispy. Harmonious sparkling wine. Perfect as a before or after dinner drink, or with hors-d’oeuvres or dessert.


Le Contesse, Sparkling Rosé Brut

Le Contesse owns 155 hectares of vineyards displaced in 8 municipalities throughout Italy. This wine is a sparkling wine obtained with refermentation in pressurized vats, with selected yeast and controlled temperature.

Tasting Notes: A gentle rose color with a fresh and fine, long lasting perlage. Aromas of fruity notes with a touch of berries and tropical fruit, floral with a hint of roses and violet. Excellent as an aperitif or when matched with fish, seafood or delicate meat dishes and chees.


Highway 12, Chardonnay

For  anyone who has visited Sonoma's Wine country, they will know that Highway 12 is considered the "Wine Highway" spanning from Sebastopol in the Russian River Valley to  the west, then rolling East through Sonoma Valley, Carneros, Napa Valley, California's Delta Region and  ending just past Lodi at the San Andreas Fault. We at Highway 12 Winery dedicate ourselves as stewards of the rich tradition and  quality of these growing regions along Highway 12  by producing high quality, value driven wines that can be enjoyed by all.

Tasting Notes: Floral highlights with light citrus and stone fruit aromas on the nose. On the palate is something quite different; crisp Asian pear prevails. Stone fruit and floral notes are balanced by light acidity and  hints of toasted oak on the lush, rich finish.


iLauri Tavo, Pinot Grigio IGT delle Venezie

The celebrated Pinot Grigio varietal has been known since the Middle Ages in the Brugundy region and derives from a bud mutation of Pinot Noir. In partnership with our winemaker we supervise an exquisite parcel in the Northeastern region of Veneto, home to Italy’s most popular white wine. The name stems from one of our area’s most important rivers, born at almost 2.000 meters at the foot of the Gran Sasso. Following fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel the wine rests for 2 months before bottling. Its silk-like texture is smooth and extremely elegant with delicate tones of melon, orange blossom and mango. 

Tasting Notes: Pale straw with light green hues. Intense bouquet of white fruitsincluding ripe golden apples and pearsscheda. On the palate,refreshing ripe apple and peach notes end with a gentle acidity.A round, lightly floral wine with a fullness and spice that brings lots of appeal.Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif, it is best served chilled together with prosciutto crudo, fresh cheeses or asparagus risotto.


Brassfield Estate Winery, Eruption Red

The pure volcanic soils of Volcano RidgeVineyard lie on the steep slopes of an extinctcinder cone. It yields a wine full of intensity and elegance as unique as the land from which it comes.With its deep color, intensity, and balance offruit to spice, this blend makes a bold statement.It marks the sixth vintage of renowned consulting winemaker David Ramey. The 2014 Eruption was blended early and bottled without filtration. The result is a wine of balanced expression, a true reflection of David Ramey, one of the most influentialwinemakers in America today.

Tasting Notes: A full bodied Rhone-style blend with an unmistakable California accent. This wine is brimming with rich blackberry, raspberry, and plum notes. Ripe fruit reminiscent of blueberry pie is balanced by an underpinning of baking spices. The thick composition of this blend is complemented by a core of volcanic tannins and is drawn out to a lengthy finish by subtle minerality. Currently accessible, but age worthy for at least a decade.


Obsidian Ridge, Cabernet Sauvignon

Obsidian Ridge Vineyard is planted at 2,640' atop the Mayacamas range north of the Napa Valley. This is one of the newest American Viticultural Areas, named Red Hills Lake County for the distinctive volcanic soils that define this remarkable mountain appellation. The vineyard′s red soils are shot through with obsidian rock — this steep, sloping terroir of obsidian gravel is all that a winemaker could hope for. The unrestricted drainage and meager soil fertility produce wines with great tannic structure.

Tasting Notes: True Cabernet Sauvignon character stands out, opening in an aromatic riot of blackberry jam, a touch of herb, spice and coffee. The wine is full-bodied, expanding mid-palate with a dense core of black fruit, black cherries and cacao beans; the finish lingers with a perfume of dried raspberries and rose water. The distinctive tannic structure of mountain-grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot hints at the aging potential of this wine.

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