The Marvel of Moscato - World Moscato Day 2020

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Are you a huge Moscato lover like us?

May 9th is World Moscato Day! Fun Fact: The Muscat grape family is among the oldest in the world.

Moscato is loved by many but it's true magic comes from it's alluring history. The Muscat family of grapes contains over 200 varieties, including Moscato, that’s use dates back through centuries suggesting that it may be the oldest domesticated grape variety. For over 3000 years the Mediterranean region has been cultivating Muscat but theories of its origin differ.

Some believe it was first used by the ancient Egyptians and Persians while others strongly believe it was the Greeks who brought it to Romans that helped continue spreading it through Europe. It wasn’t until the mid 1200’s that the use of Muscat was first documented by a European scholar.

Despite all the historical speculation, it’s a known fact that Muscat thrives in warm Mediterranean climates like in Italy. The Piedmont Region is considered one of the top Italian wine regions and is known for producing exceptional sparkling wines from the Moscato grape .While there several different styles of Moscato, it is noted for their sweet flavors and floral aroma. If you love Moscato, you have good reason to! 

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