Malbec World Day 2020

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Celebrated annually on April 17th, World Malbec Day was founded to commemorate when the Argentinian President set out to transform Argentina’s wine industry. Although Malbec originated in France, after Argentina sought to focus on exporting wine, Malbec became their most widely planted grape variety and today they possess 70% of the world’s Malbec vineyards.

While French and Argentinian Malbec seem similar, they each take on completely different flavor profiles due to the differences in each region’s terrior. Malbec from Argentina is fruit-forward and plummy with a velvety texture while French Malbec is savory and tart with firm tannins and hints of plum, meat and blackberry. Do have a preference of Malbec from France or Argentina? Let us know in the comments or add a bottle to your order and find out!


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