Free Weekly Tasting Lineup - February 5th, 7th, & 8th

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Wine Tastings

February 5th, 5-8pm

Kristen - Free Run Wine Merchants

  • Antech, Pays D'Oc Chardonnay
  • Xarmant, Txakoli
  • Barricas, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Kewin Descombes, Beaujolais Cuvee KeKe


    February 8th, 12-5pm

    Nathan - Blue Ridge Beverage

    Named after the Greek Goddess of Dawn that was cursed with an insatiable appetite for young men, EOS has an insatiable appetite for producing dense reds, complex whites, and luscious dessert wines.🍷🥂

    Taste 5 of their wines during Saturday's free tasting to see how they live up to their namesake. PLUS all 5 of these selections are in our 6 for $60 program!
    • EOS Chardonnay
    • EOS Sauvignon Blanc
    • EOS Pinot Grigio
    • EOS Pinot Noir
    • EOS Cabernet Sauvignon


        Beer Tasting

        February 7th, 5-8pm

        Join us for our Friday beer tasting!

        • Rogue Spirits, Cucumber Lime Gin Fizz
        • Golden Road Brewing, Mango Cart Ale
        • Country Boy Brewing, Hazelnut Stout
        • Heavy Seas Beer, TropiCannon Citrus IPA

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