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As school and business closures rise across America, we're here to help you find some ways to make it through this social distancing things. As we move to offering curbside pickup and delivery, why not grab something extra to add some flavor to your time at home?

From drink mixes to seasoning mixes for dinner, here are some quick and easy items to get you through the pandemic!

For more information on curbside pickup & delivery click here!


Drink Mixes & Infusion Kits


Perfect for making at-home cocktails when you can't get out to a restaurant or bar! Born out of a love for unique cocktails, Aged & Infused is a Chicago-based company that specializes in at-home alcohol infusion. Curated and assembled by founders Jess and John, each kit is packed with dehydrated fruits and spices that give your favorite spirits a personal touch. Infusion kits come complete with a 16 oz. vessel, pre-measured ingredients and a hand-made filtering pour spout. The perfect addition to any bar cart!

Infusion Kits $24.99/each, Medmont Mercantile Margarita & Bloody Mary Mix $8.99/each, Mulling Spices $2.99/each

Wine A Rita

Slushies shouldn’t just be for kids. Wine-A-Ritas give any classic margaritas a run for their money. All you need to do is add wine and ice to these dry mixes, then throw it in the blender to create the frothiest, most delicious instant wine slushy during quarantine. 

Wine-A-Rita $10.99/each


Sugar Cubes

Looking for a way to spice up beverages without any hassle? Storied Goods offers natural, flavor-infused Sugar Cubes for cocktails, coffee, and tea that make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts. Flavors include--Rose Petal for Champagne Cocktails or tea;Whiskey, with orange zest and cherry; and Coffee, with cinnamon, clove and vanilla. 

Storied Goods Sugar Cubes $8.99/each


Specialty Seasonings

Special Shit products complete any cook's kitchen, and give you some laughs through a tough time. With a plethora of different things that can be made from these, they are no doubt something you'll want in your pantry when the bull sh*t.... i mean *pandemic* hits.

Special Shit Seasonings $12.99/each


Handmade Pasta

Comfort is a homecooked meal. Made here in Lynchburg, VA, Scratch Pasta packs comfort into every bag without any of the trouble. Each pasta is ready in minutes and tastes like it was just made from scratch.

Scratch Pasta $6.99-$8.99/each


One Meal Seasoning Mixes

Dinner Tonight seasonings are the easiest way to serve simple & quick, all natural meals! Each package makes one delicious meal ~ Follow the short shopping list and you'll have the perfect meal in about 30 minutes!

Dinner Tonight Seasoning Mix, $4.99/each


Beer Bread

When access to the bakery isn't as easy as it was last week - Soberdough makes home baked bread simple. Just add beer. No baking skills required. 

Soberdough $9.99/each



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