Thanksgiving Survival Guide

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The arrival of the holidays brings us either extreme excitement or fills us with dread. If you’re someone that’s feeling more of the latter, here are a few things that'll help you survive the holiday ahead whether you’re hosting or attending! 

1. Wine. 

This one speaks for its self. Check out our blog post on foolproof Thanksgiving dinner wine pairings to be sure you're headed into the holiday prepared. 

2. Cooling stemless wine glasses. 

With a long day ahead in the kitchen, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping your wine at the right temperature... especially since you’re going to need it. Just pop it in the fridge to cool your reds to the perfect cellar temperature or store in the freezer to chill your whites through all the Thanksgiving madness! Available in assorted colors!

3. A trusty corkscrew. 

Because you can’t be left searching the house for something to pry open your wine bottles. The family would never forgive you if you're caught using a screwdriver. 

4. Wine Glass Topper Appetizer Plates

The house is already going to be packed to the brim and fighting for table space is out of the question. Grab these mahogany wood miniature wineglass topper appetizer plates so your guests are free to chitchat and nibble anywhere they please. Not to mention it helps keep you mobile with the ability to escape awkward conversations without abandoning your food.

5. Wine charms. 

Remember holidays as a kid when you’d always be given a plastic cup branded with your name in Sharpie? Where were wine charms when you needed them? These rustic wine charms bring an element of sophistication and ease when trying to avoid your uncle "accidentally" stealing your drink. 

6. Bracelet flask.

For those of you that prefer the hard stuff but like to keep it on the down low... don't subject yourself to a family holiday without a bit of sneaky booze to tide you over. These bracelet flasks are the perfect way to conceal your spirits in plain sight. 

7. Emergency Stain Removal

Because would it really be Thanksgiving if someone didn't spill something on themselves or someone else? Don't settle for a ruined outfit or evening. 

8. Table topics.

Finding where or what to start a conversation with is the most daunting thing about the holidays. Fear no more, table topics has you covered with an array of provocative conversation starters guaranteed to keep you (and the crowd) thoroughly entertained and potentially slightly uncomfortable. Find these in the store later this week as we eagerly await their arrival!  

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