New Year's Eve Necessities

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The number one New Year's Eve necessity?... a bottle (or two) of BUBBLY!
We've got bottles of the infamous Veuve Cliquot ranging from 375mL to 3L! If you're looking to supply for a crowd, try the Special Edition 1.5L of Bohigas Cava! Or, pick up a sparkly bottle of One Hope Brut Sparkling Wine that looks and tastes perfect for the holiday. 


For the beer drinkers? We still have some large format beers available! 

Browse the royalty of beers - the 6L St. Bernardus or 6L Duchesse De Bourgogne!

All large formats over 750mL are 20% OFF through New Year's Eve!



Looking for just a little indulgent pop on the Holiday? Grab a few bottles of Pommery Champagne Pop!

They're mini bottles of TRUE Champagne and Rosé from Champagne, France!

Pour it in a glass or throw a straw in it and celebrate with your mini bottle of bubbly!



New Year's Eve parties are less than a week away! So, why offer up your delicate champagne flutes to friends that might break them?

Forget the stress of dropped drinks and broken glass with Govino's Go Anywhere Flutes. They're shatterproof, reusable, and dishwasher safe, need we say more? Pick yourself up some before the NYE festivities begin!


Champagne inspired candy, where could you go wrong? Toast to the New Year with Champagne jelly beans.

They have all the flavor of a glass of bubbly in a mini-sized bottle with none of the alcohol. Their iridescent finish will help to bring that extra sparkle to your NYE Celebrations!


When we think of New Year's Eve we think....Champagne, of course!

While you're sipping bubbly, let your home fill with the same luscious aromas with Rewined's Champagne Candle featuring sweet notes of white grape, honey, freshly baked bread, and light citrus!


Expecting lots of guests? Check out our cheese, wine, and food pairing guide with Sartori Cheeses courtesy of Sartori! Find your favorites and learn what to pair them with for a flawless cheese board! 

Click Here to Learn More!



Champagne cocktails have never been easier! Last week we added Storied Goods to our store and their sugar cubes have FLOWN out the door! Pick up your Rose Petal Sugar Cubes and a bottle of bubbly for a luxuriously #perfectpairing on New Year's Eve!
Available in-store! (P.S. We'll be restocking the Whiskey Cubes this afternoon as they've sold out again!)

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