2019 Holiday Food Favorites

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Holiday Parties = LOTS of food. Whether you’re with family or friends, the holidays bring no shortage of delicious food options and making sure your pantry is stocked is essential. Below you’ll find some of our Holiday Food Favorites that should make their way into your holiday food preparations.


Pimento Cheese

Out of all the holiday appetizers… no party is complete without cheese. These pimento cheeses from Red Clay Gourmet are not only creamy but bursting with flavor. Spead them on just about anything and enjoy.

Red Clay Pimento Cheese $8.99/each


Baked Crakers

If no party is complete without cheese… then they definitely can’t be complete without crackers to put your cheese on! These baked crackers from Firehook are great for use with cheese, dips, and a plethora of charcuterie… and are definitely packed with more flavor than a classic water cracker. 

Firehook Baked Crackers $7.99/each


Drink Mixes & Infusion Kits


With no shortage of need for food, you certainly can’t run dry on drink options. From Maragarita and Bloody Mixes to Mulling Spices and Wine Slushies, we’ve got several different products to make your guests think you’re a real mixologist. 

Born out of a love for unique cocktails, Aged & Infused is a Chicago-based company that specializes in at-home alcohol infusion. Curated and assembled by founders Jess and John, each kit is packed with dehydrated fruits and spices that give your favorite spirits a personal touch. Infusion kits come complete with a 16 oz. vessel, pre-measured ingredients and a hand-made filtering pour spout. The perfect addition to any bar cart!

Infusion Kits $24.99/each, Medmont Mercantile Margarita & Bloody Mary Mix $8.99/each, Mulling Spices $2.99/each


Virginia Peanuts


It goes without saying, Virginia Peanuts are a delicacy here in the state. Our Medmont Mercantile Virginia Peanuts are available in 10 delectable flavors that make it easy to find something everyone can enjoy snacking on. Purchase any 3 peanut flavors for just $24.99!

Medmont Mercantile Peanuts $8.99/each


Jams, Jellies, & Preserves


The power of a delicious jam or preserve is drastically underrated. Medmont Mercanitiles jams, jellies, preserves, and Granny’s OF Apple Butter are about as versatile as they are delicious. Whether you use it at breakfast, dinner, or in between, these have the ability to enhance countless meals and snacks.

Medmont Mercantile F.R.O.G. Jam & BEAR Jam $6.99/each and Granny’s OF Apple Butter $7.99/each


Glazes & Toppings

From marinades to dips, our Medmont Mercantile Glazes & Toppings can be used with both sweet and savory dishes. Making dips with these is one of our favorite uses for them during the holidays.

Medmont Mercantile Raspberry Pepper Glaze & Toasted Pecan Topping, $7.99/each


Specialty Seasonings

Special Shit products complete any cook's kitchen, and they make great gifts too. Sure, our clever names will make people laugh, but the flavors of our products will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Special Shit Seasonings $12.99/each


Handmade Pasta

Comfort is a homecooked meal. Made here in Lynchburg, VA, Scratch Pasta packs comfort into every bag. Each pasta is ready in minutes and tastes like it was just made from scratch.

Scratch Pasta $6.99-$8.99/each


Beer Bread

Home baked bread made simple. Just add beer. No baking skills required. -- Receiving accolades from Real Simple, Rachel Ray, Good Housekeeping, Wall Street Journal and many others… Soberdough’s reputation for amazing bread that anyone can make (by simply adding beer) grew them from farmers markets into stores nationwide. Today, Soberdough has transformed from what was once a business project between mom and son into a family run company continuing the same values and dedication to offering everyone the ability to bake all natural, delicious bread at home.

Soberdough $9.99/each



Island Treasures Gourmet Rum Cakes were developed using quality ingredients with the idea of a moist, smooth, full flavored cake that everyone would enjoy. The re-closeable container on the 32 oz. rum cakes protects during shipping, is attractive for serving and provides storage once cut (PLUS it's recyclable). These rum cakes are perfect for anyone wanting to serve or gift an exceptional, unique and memorable sweet treat. Their customers say this is the Best Rum Cake they have ever had!

Not to mention we carry 60 of chocolatpaper's best selling chocolates and truffles, assorted flavors of chocolate bars, chocolate candies, individually wrapped truffles and more. We always have 6 and 16 piece assorted chocolatepaper chocolate boxes ready to purchase. During the holiday season we have other wrapping options, including platters, that are available!  

Vanilla Rum Cake $25.99/each and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…(chocolate pricing varies). 


Sugar Cubes

Storied Goods offers natural, flavor-infused Sugar Cubes for cocktails, coffee, and tea that make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts. Flavors include--Rose Petal for Champagne Cocktails or tea;Whiskey, with orange zest and cherry; and Coffee, with cinnamon, clove and vanilla. Grab them individually or as a wrapped trio! 

Storied Goods Sugar Cubes $8.99/each

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