Reintroducing Parés Baltà

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Parés Baltà is a family owned, traditional winery from Barcelona with a history that dates back to 1790 and a passion for producing high quality wines and cavas with grapes cultivated from their 5 estates. These vineyards are situated at varying altitudes within their Mediterranean ecosystem, lending a special personality to each of their wines.

But there’s one thing that’s key Parés Baltà’s sense of identity - the environmentally respectful cultivation of the vines. Biodynamic farming seeks to provide maximum vitality, self-balance and harmony to a vineyard, so following their innovative spirit, in 2010, they began making a move towards biodynamic agriculture and now all of their wines are certified organic and their vineyards as biodynamic. This specific treatment gives their vineyards high fertility and natural pest control, resulting in wines both consumer and mother nature can be happy about.

Since next Monday, the 22nd is Earth Day, it’s prompted us to take some time to highlight vineyards like Parés Baltà that produce wines with the Earth in mind. Join us Saturday the 20th from 12-5pm as we reintroduce Parés Baltà to Wine Gourmet! Click here to RSVP!

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