Free Weekly Tasting Lineup - June 26th, 28th, & 29th

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Wine Tastings

June 26th, 5-8pm

Join us as we taste these vinos!

  • Madai Origen
  • Tarima Mediterraneo
  • Field Recordings Freddo
  • Matchbook Tinto Rey

June 29th, 12-5pm

Join us this Saturday as Mallory from Republic National reintroduces Picket Fence Vineyards! With the 4th of July next week, you’ll want to get a taste of Picket Fence’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosenblum Cellars Vintner's Cuvee Zinfandel XXXVIX if you’re grilling burgers or barbecuing some meat! 

  • Picket Fence Chardonnay
  • Picket Fence Pinot Noir
  • Picket Fence Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Rosenblum Cellars Vintner's Cuvee Zinfandel XXXVIX

    Beer Tasting

    June 28th, 5-8pm

    Join us as we taste through these brews ahead of July 4th!

    • Stone Brewing Enjoy by 7.4.19
    • Ballast Point Citrus Cove Gose
    • Old Busthead Tropical Daiquiri Gose
    • Founder's All Day IPA

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