Bear Root Bitters

Bear Root Bitters

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Bear Roots Bitters uses a traditional alcohol base and extract from real roots, bark, fruit, leaves and flowers. Keeping with historical techniques, they never use a glycerine base to substitute alcohol.

Available 2oz Bitter Flavors:

  • Black Cherry: Rich and smooth cherry flavors with a hint of rose hips. Naturally sweet, full bodied goodness
  • Cacao Coffee: Coffee, cacao, and vanilla bean blended to compliment any cream drink like a White Russian, Brandy Alexander, or Irish Coffee. This will give any drink or baked good the kick of coffee flavor without all the sugar or artificial extracts.
  • Habanero Ginger: The first taste is ginger then the spice really kicks in. One dash in any cocktail can activate your palate and 3 dashes can add some serious spice with complex flavor to your food or drink. This is a great way to personalize your spicy margaritas. Make a batch then let each person choose their spice level.
  • Lemon Y Snicket: Lemon, Ginger and a few eye opening mystery flavors. Enjoy with gin, whiskey or vodka cocktails.
  • Old Fashioned Aromatic: The Old Fashioned Aromatic is a blend of gentian, angelica, cinnamon, clove, all spice and many other flavors. Add a few dashes to almost any drink for the depth and complexity your drink deserves.
  • Orange: A classic punch of citrus. Orange bitters are necessary in a lot of drinks but all that sugar is not. Get that burst of orange from an orange, not from extra sweet artificial additives.
  • Teton Lavendar: 

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